Clear Duck Consulting LLC, offers web hosting services and support for all our web development clients. We only host and service websites developed by us. Superior Developers with superior technology, gives our clients, superior service all the way around.


Our Developers at Clear Duck are committed to creating the website you're looking for. They understand that you need to increase brand awareness, build customer relationships and most importantly, increase sales.


Technology and keeping up with it, is the Clear Duck way. All websites are hosted on Quad Opteron Bluehost Servers. These are custom built unix servers that are constantly upgraded, with an average uptime of 99.99% since 2005. Staying on top of technology as it changes is essential. We offer cross browser testing so your site can look the same from one computer to the next, as well as, from mobile device to mobile device.


Our service is unsurpassed. Any website built and hosted by Clear Duck is serviced by the same Developer that created it. We don't know of any other company that offers that kind of service.


Clear Duck has plans and packages to fit everybody's needs. You can check these out along with our online estimate builder, plus view our work and the diversity of clients we take care of.



Clear Duck ...All Your Ducks In A Row...

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About Our Development Team

Our team started in 2005 as a loose association of free-lancers working together after hours. The effort was to keep code as clean, simple and responsive as possible. When bringing this concept into the work place, the constant stone wall with corporate employers, web giants in their own right, was always similar. "The bottom line is the bottom line" or "Open source does not earn money". Since that time, all have joined the Clear Duck Consulting team. The philosophy here at Clear Duck is "There Are No Problems, Only Multiple Solutions". And open source solutions are welcomed.


About Clear Duck Consulting LLC

Clear Duck LLC, was founded as a general management company in 2009, and currently provides unlimited resources for all our web development teams.